I once made a cute cyclonus humanformer
Why not a little Tailgate doodle then?

I once made a cute cyclonus humanformer

Why not a little Tailgate doodle then?

WIP of new TFOC called Slidecount

I was going to go for Countdown but apparently there’s already someone with that name jaskdhasdj

I wanted them to have little cloven hooves like TFP megatron because thats hella cute

Scanning later and then going to make BW outline and then mule over some colour palettes 

bby reaper doodles

look at the cute bby reaper

Working on a new OC, this cute little minibot ( needs a name, it was Kia but idk needs a new one)

Transforms into a bodily accelerator. You’d attach them to the back of any bot and they’d accelerate brain funcion, reflexes,strength, and reaction time.

Which is funny because this little buddy is very impulsive and doesnt always use common sense even though they grant clarity to others go figure hfgdjs

God why do my sketches on paper always look so much better?? i couldnt doodle it properly on the tablet but i got the paper out and then it was just there jhkdj\adhskjad


Winze! next in the line of spark guardians, hes a carrier and a miner, so he finds the sparks out in the field and brings it back to the incubators.

Very jolly fellow. Loves his job but wishes he had more time to hang around the cute little sparks. As he says.

The energon pink was a nice touch i think and I opted for a darker greeny teal than i did for Silversun

Winze alt mode is a Dune Scorpion


Changed the pink to a light blue. The pink wasnt going with the whole thing and it was rly throwing it off. Its much better now

Edgedancer! The perfectly on point gyroscope. Enjoys finding new ways to balance herself and and stand on ridiculous places, much like earth mountain goats climbing straight up walls.

Much pirouetting and break dance are some of her interests, that and standing on the tops of lampposts. 

Finally a great big full body spark guardian SILVERSUN for all to see!

I finished windblade and i couldn’t wait to redesign the guardians. I had also read in MTMTE about “Prenatals”? almost like guardians so I really wanted to streamlining the design.

The colour palette was kind of odd but i got to thinking, What colors would cybertronians associate with life? Energon pink and maybe with spark blues and light greens? I think these are gonna be the colours for all the guardians. It just makes sense,well to me anyhow

Silver has a lot of green as a prominent caretaker of sparks. I guess maybe red could be included to but i think I’ll save those for the guardians that harvest the sparks out in the field.

Pink will be for the guardians that bolster spark intensity and blue for carrier guardians 

I kept the spikey design because her alt form is a centipede.


one of the caricatures I did for the anniversary party at work. And the only one I took a picture of even tho I did a while bunch dnagsgfjdjsdjsj

batmanismycancer prize commision!!! her TF OC Melody

I do love her hair uvu

only another to do now!!

Been worried that working full time has made me rusty in my drawings. Need to start practicing again. Some face diversity for yah!
Lovely ladies

SilverSun, Spark Guardian

Slowly getting to a rendering place i wanna be

Tonight’s doodle was inspired by the Oarfish Video I saw today

Oarfish amphibious merperson

"Bow before the killing blow,

For the life you take

could be your own.”

Occurred to me ive never put any of my ocs or my stories here :/ okie

Peko, Gallo, and Teako.

Gallo like to make funny of pekos hat, constantly. He has a thing against hats, maybe its his pointy hair?? Teako just doesn’t care for any of it, but travelling companions are hard to find.

Working for the senate is a terrible stressful thing and sometimes Garrus can’t take it and just kind of hides away for a while from things. Sometimes she gets so anxious she can’t leave the house, Lucky Ferris is always there to give her company and solace when she needs it.

Pillbug Armadillo robot babies