one of the caricatures I did for the anniversary party at work. And the only one I took a picture of even tho I did a while bunch dnagsgfjdjsdjsj

batmanismycancer prize commision!!! her TF OC Melody

I do love her hair uvu

only another to do now!!

Been worried that working full time has made me rusty in my drawings. Need to start practicing again. Some face diversity for yah!
Lovely ladies

SilverSun, Spark Guardian

Slowly getting to a rendering place i wanna be

Tonight’s doodle was inspired by the Oarfish Video I saw today

Oarfish amphibious merperson

"Bow before the killing blow,

For the life you take

could be your own.”

Occurred to me ive never put any of my ocs or my stories here :/ okie

Peko, Gallo, and Teako.

Gallo like to make funny of pekos hat, constantly. He has a thing against hats, maybe its his pointy hair?? Teako just doesn’t care for any of it, but travelling companions are hard to find.

Working for the senate is a terrible stressful thing and sometimes Garrus can’t take it and just kind of hides away for a while from things. Sometimes she gets so anxious she can’t leave the house, Lucky Ferris is always there to give her company and solace when she needs it.

Pillbug Armadillo robot babies

More doodles of Ferris and Sister Garrus!

Garrus is less of a digger and more of a ex-eavesdropper for the senate. Her sister would dig, but Garrus would listen and watch. She has remarkable hearing, like red alert. She can hear conversations in other rooms.

Ferris has an edetic memoery that lets her call memories and events with crazy detail. Also can mimic most voices she hears and remembers. like almost perfect imitations. Scares the hell out of other bots sometimes.

Ferris in green and Garrus in blue uvu

Now, as in every universe , Giving Ferris/Serris a gun is a terrible terrible idea

Some sketches to flesh out Ferris

God i love the no head turtle thing she can do.it hilarious.

No as hilarious as when roddy did it asdhsadsakjdhkjs oh god

Peppy,Positive and work oriented, What a darling. Anyhow I wanted Ferris to have bigger optics, for seeing in the dark and stuff. And im gonna say the ear things are for hearing better in echoy areas like caverns and caves.

Slowly and surely getting the handle on textures and filters on photoshop

Aha so this is actually another character of mine, turned transformer! I thought of a cute story for her and i could resist.

The name of this TF is Ferris!( like iron) (*cough*) Shes a miner, using her claws to dig underground and such, she quite fast at digging, and can create deep tunnels in no time!

Her alt mode is an armadillo uvu, she travels by rolling into a ball and rolling around


LAst request was for jailbotlovesyou of bumblebee and iris

Haha um so since it was late i WAS going to make it no clothes but my mom kept walking into my room and asking about what i was doing so…asdgjksadhsakjhdj sorry




“i’m gonna draw” i whisper as i don’t

"I’m gonna write" I whisper as I don’t.

Quick lineart of furryformers fursona

tbh this is the first fursona ive ever drawn i cant animals. at all i mean idk i can barely people


Final watercolour painting for illustration techniques class

I am not a waterpainter thats for sure

-sighs- IT was suppose to the this statue at the Royal ontario museum. ITs a bit wonky though.